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Silicone cookware handle sleeve

Silicone Hot Handle Holder, Potholder Cast Iron Skillets, Pans, Frying Pans & Griddles, Metal Aluminum Cookware Handles - Sleeve Grip, Handle Cover

Product Details

✅ Protect your hands from -104 ºF to 450 ºF (-40°C to 230°C)

✅ Holder measures 6-inch x 2-inch & fits over most small fajita & large lodge pan hand-grips

✅ Outer textured surface prevents sleeve from slipping from your grasp while moving pans around

✅ Durable rubber holder is dishwasher-safe & always retains its new appearance after repeated use

✅ Safer to use than typical cloth mitts & small pot holders that slide off, causing burns & accidents

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